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aircraft maintenance capabilities

popular u.s. piston engine general aviation aircraft under 12,500 lbs.

installation of optional equipment approved by original aircraft manufacturer

anti-ice /de-ice

wheel fairings


beech dual yokes

larger capacity alternators

co-pilot instruments

air conditioning

installation of stc kits / modifications


dual / stand-by alternator / generator systems

aileron trim control system

airfoil boundary layer control / vortex generators

flight control gap seals

spoilers / speed brakes

stol / wing leading edge cuffs / fences / etc.

airfoil vortex generators

supplemental fuel tanks / cells

dual / stand-by gyro air

inflatable door seal(s)

tail skeg

additional aerodynamic fairings

windshield / windows



gami tcm fuel injector nozzles

pressurized magnetos

unison lasar ignition

digital / electronic tach

cht indicator system (single and all cylinders)

egt / tit indicators (single and all cylinders)

engine analyzer (gem, jpi)

carb air / compressor discharge / intercooler differential temperature indicators

electronic fuel flow / totalizer

thrust detector system

breather oil separator

engine pre-heater

turbo system intercooler(s)

oil filters (engine mounted and remote)


turbo intercoolers


through professional annual inspections with detailed reports

25 / 50 hour inspections

log / records research / evaluation service for prospective purchasers

pre purchase survey inspections (only on aircraft models we are knowable and familiar with, and those aircraft that are not owned by our regular clients).

second opinion / condition reports

document compliance

computerize search of airworthiness directives with associated sb�s

airworthiness directives

manufacture�s service bulletins

manufacture�s service letters

manufacture�s service instructions

appearance services

entry / assist step(s) / wing walk pad replacement / refinish

minor exterior finish repair / spot painting

accent stripe repainting

installation of new registration "n" number markings (choice of style)

application of exterior placards

application of interior placards

application of service placards


air conditioning r-12 & 134a (including compressor lubrication)

isopropyl anti ice fluid

engine oil / filter change

we stock following oil / additives:

aeroshell sae 40 & 50 straight mineral oil

aeroshell w80 & w100 single grade

aeroshell 15w50 multi grade

aeroshell w100+ (similar to w100 but with 15w50 additives)

aeroshell 2f preservative oil

chevron 20w-50

exxon elite 20w-50

phillips 25w-60 (radial engines)

lycoming lw16702 additive

av-blend additive

aircraft lubrication

pressure lubrication (zerk type fittings, aero shell 6 grease)

electric landing gear actuator

mil h 5606 hydraulics

steering shimmy dampener

landing gear strut(s)

main hydraulic / gear reservoir

flap hydraulic reservoir

spoiler / speed brake hydraulic reservoir

hydraulic air conditioning drive reservoir


landing gear struts

propeller dome

prop un-feather accumulator

hydraulic accumulator

landing gear emergency blow down

cabin environmental

inspection / lubrication / replacement cabin vent fan motor(s)

installation of additional cabin ventilating devices

cleaning / replacement pressurization outflow / safety / dump valve(s)

inspection / replacement pressurized fuselage drain valves

replacement of pressurization seals / boots / gaskets

diagnostics / repair of heating systems (including gasoline)

diagnostics / repair of most air conditioning systems


inspection / repair / installation of :

push to talk switch(s)


addition mic / phone jacks

static discharge wicks

anti static bonding / shielding

communications antenna(s)

electrical system


load test battery(s), service, charge, evaluate, replace


300 hour internal inspection

diagnostics / minor repair / installation

field flashing

generator to alternator conversions



300 hour gear drive alternator inspection

500 hour belt drive alternator inspection

service / minor repairs most belt / gear driven alternators

installation of larger capacity alternators

electrical controls

diagnostics / adjustment / paralleling of regulator(s)

adjustment of over voltage controls

electrical power distribution

diagnostics / inspection / repair of electrical circuits / components:

installation of external power receptacles

inspection / replacement of switches / circuit breakers

inspection and installation of additional bonding and shielding

equipment / furnishings


minor repair / refinish / replacement interior plastic trim

minor repair / replacement of flexible upholstery

installation of upholstery snaps and turn type fasteners


maintenance / installation emergency locator beacon

battery mounting

maintenance / replacement battery box / structure / rack / vent / sump / drain

cabin seating

major repairs to structure

arrange for seat belt / shoulder harness re-webbing (choice of colors) installation of stc shoulder harness systems


replacement / installation of thermal / noise insulation

fire protection

installation of portable fire extinguisher(s)

flight control systems


professional / experienced flight control rigging with cable tensiomenter.

control surface travel boards for most mooney m20 series are on hand. .


minor sheet metal repairs, re-skinning, cessna corrugation straitening


minor sheet metal repairs, re-skinning, cessna corrugation straitening. installation of new cessna flap arms (with wing struts).

chafe button replacement.

internal inspection / lubrication of most flap actuators / motors.


minor sheet metal repairs, re-skinning, cessna corrugation straitening.

butt and tip replacement.


minor sheet metal repairs, re-skinning, cessna corrugation straitening. elevator tip replacement.

trim systems

repair / replacement / rigging of trim systems

drag control systems

inspection / diagnostics / installation / repairs of spoilers and speed brakes

control cables

1/16, 3/32, 1/8" control cable fitting swaging (except balls)


control surface balancing



installation of fuel storage bladders

minor repair of wet wing fuel cells

outside sealing of most small seeps / weeps wet wings

repair some sump drains / replacement of others


diagnostics / inspection / repair of fuel venting / vent check valves

inspection / replacement of fuel vapor return check valves


diagnostics / repair of fuel distribution systems

service of fuel filters / strainers

replacement fuel boost / aux pump(s) and service of respective filters

repair / replacement of fuel selector / shutoff valves

replacement of fuel transfer valve(s) / pump(s)

fabrication of lines and hoses


replacement of exterior magnetic coupled fuel quantity indicators.

diagnostics / replacement / calibration of fuel quantity indicators

diagnostics / replacement fuel quantity sensor / transmitter(s)

diagnostic / repair / replacement / fuel pressure / flow indicator(s) / transducer(s)

hydraulic system

mil h 5606 (red oil) hydraulic systems diagnosis, repairs, component replacement. equipped with hydraulic mule suitable for most small general aviation aircraft.

resealing and testing most hydraulic actuators.

fabrications of lines and hoses.

ice and rain protection

diagnostics, repair, component replacement of surface de-ice boot systems.

repair of minor leaks / pin holes surface de-ice boots.

cleaning and treating of boots

prop anti-ice / de-ice system service, diagnosis, repairs

fuel vent heater replacement


custom instrument panel fabrication and installation

installation of clocks, chronometers, and hour meters.

repair of various annunciator warning systems

landing gear

wheel fairings

repair of landing gear wheel fairings


landing gear shock arresting

landing gear strut service / resealing

installation of mooney and beech 23 landing gear shock disc

installation of se cessna and piper landing gear forks / strut tubes

retraction system

service / repair / rigging most landing gear retract / extension systems. equipped with regulated electrical power supply for electric mechanical gear and hydraulic mule for hydraulic systems.

experienced with following:

beech 23, 33, 35, 36, 55 series

bellanca 17 series

cessna 100, 200, 300, and 400 series both electrical mechanical and hydraulic. have most special tooling

mooney m20 series (have special rigging tooling)

piper pa24, 28, 30, 32 & 39 series.

equipped with hydraulic tool to install pa24, 30, 39 bungee cords


replacement of brake disk and linings

experienced retrofitting cleveland wheels / brakes

master and wheel cylinder resealing. able to bleed piper pa28, pa32 and pa 34 series 5 master cylinder brake systems.


installation of new premium tires and tubes at list price including dynamic wheel balancing (most aircraft).

dynamic wheel balancing


experienced retrofitting cleveland wheels / brakes

main landing gear alignment aircraft incorporating axle or toque link shims


diagnostic, service, rigging

shimmy damper reseal / hydraulic service

experienced in correcting darting m20 series mooney

successful in correcting nose wheel shimmy most cessna 100 and piper 28 series aircraft.

service / repair most steerable tail wheels

landing gear position & warning

diagnostics, repair, and adjustment

we can usually repair and adjust piper auto extend system


instrument / avionics / flight compartment / map

diagnostics, repairs, and new installations

experienced with transistor lighting system repairs


diagnostics, repairs, and new installations of nav, beacons, and strobe(s)


static / pitot system

testing and repairs (not certification)

installation of alternate static valve

replacement of pitot / static system indicators / gages

installation of various navigational antennas


compass replacement

compass swings / calibration

minor structural magnetic degaussing


replacement of air or electrical driven gyros


replacement of navigation / transponder antenna(s) & lead cable

oxygen system

remove oxygen bottle(s), hydrostatic test, and reinstall

replacement of oxygen generator(s). fabrication of lines and hoses.

installation of stc oxygen systems


inspection / replacement of pressure air pumps

installation of pneumatic stand-by system

diagnostics, repair, & replacement of pneumatic distribution system components

replacement / adjustment pneumatic regulating valves

replacement of gyro pressure gage

service of pneumatic system oil separator

replacement of air pump inlet filter

replacement of primary pneumatic filters

fabrication of lines and hoses


inspection / repair of vacuum pump(s)

installation of stand-by vacuum systems including induction sourced

service of vacuum pump oil separator

diagnostics, repair, replacement of vacuum distribution system components. equipped with regulated shop vacuum source.

inspections / replacement / adjustment of vacuum relief valve(s)

installation of new primary vacuum filters

fabrication of lines and hoses

instrument / electrical / electronic panels

fabrication and installation of custom instrument & control panels

service / replacement / installation of avionics cooling

repairs / new installation of electrical, electronic racks, & wiring


inspection / evaluation / repair of primary and miscellaneous structures.

replacement of primary structure attach fasteners.


inspection, repair, and adjustment of door(s) and emergency exit(s)

inspection, repair of entrance stairs

installation of new seals including stc pressurized door seals


inspection, evaluation, and repair of horizontal and vertical stabilizers

replacement of tips.


installation of windshields and windows including stc ones

prism inspection of pressurized window edges


inspection / evaluation / repairs / rigging of wings

replacement / installation of wing tips / wing lets

wing skin replacement not requiring wing jigs


research / compliance with various propeller / governor airworthiness directives

prop removal and replacement, installation of stc props

minor dressing / spot painting propeller blades

inspection / replacement and shimming of propeller spinners

diagnostics, removal, replacement and adjustment of propeller governors

dynamic prop balancing

tcm / lycoming opposed piston powerplants

airworthiness directives

compliance of engine airworthiness directive(s)

ad 88-25-04 pressurized slick magneto contamination inspection

ad 96-12-07 (replaces ad78-09-07r3) bendix / tcm magneto 500 hour impulse coupling inspection

ad 93-02-05 lycoming fuel injection lines inspection as per lycoming sb 342b

ad 00-01-16 turbocharged cessna 300 & 400 series exhaust system inspection

special engine inspection(s)

differential compression checks (top and bottom of stroke)

simultaneous direct compression checks

engine crank case pressure checks i/a/w tcm sb 89-9 (will show up cylinder problems before compression checks detect it)

lycoming valve inspection i/a/w sb 388a (cylinders installed)

lycoming cam / follower inspection (cylinders removed)

tcm cam / follower mid life inspection (cylinders installed)

crankshaft flange run-out check


engine service bulletins

cessna seb 95-15 engine throttle control lever inspection (io-520 engines)

lycoming sb 388b 400 hr. valve inspection (recommend each 400 hrs)

lycoming sb 518c inspection / replacement oil thermostatic by-pass valve

tcm / bendix msb 645 installation of magneto snap ring type impulse.

service instruction(s)

tcm sid 97-2 "top care" cylinder maintenance program

tcm sid 97-3 fuel injection system adjustment

engine cowling

inspection / repair / rigging of cowl flap systems.

installation of oversize cowl flap hinge pins.

inspection / repair / replacement of cowling cooling baffles / seals. inspection / repair / replacement of cowling structure and skin.

repair / replacement of cowling latches / fasteners and chafe protection

repair / replacement of cowling access doors / hinges

engine mounts

inspection / repair and refinishing engine mounting structures

inspection / replacement / spacing of flexible vibration dampeners (lord mounts) with engine installed.

repair / replacement of damper / mount heat shields

replacement or installation of additional engine electrical bonding

engine firewall

inspection / repair / replacement of firewall components

installation of early cessna 182 firewall stiffener kits.

engine electrical

inspection / repair / protection of engine electrical harness including installation of new connector (cannon) plugs

engine air intake

inspection / repair / replacement of engine air inlet boxes / ducts

replacement of air inlet boots / ducts / couplings / seals

replacement of air filter(s)

engine drains / vents

inspection / replacement / fabrication crankcase breather tube (outlet placement can substantially effect engine oil consumption and oil leakage)

inspection / repair / replacement of induction manifold drains and sniffle valves (can cause erratic engine operation at lower power settings)

inspection / repair / replacement of engine accessory drains and system vents.

fabrication of lines and hoses.



engine removal and replacement

replacement of crankshaft seal / retainer

replacement of tcm cam followers / hydraulic lifters (wrong follower may cause accelerated valve stem / guide wear)

removal and installation of pistons, pins & cylinders

removal of valve roto coils / retainers / keepers (rotocoils on tcm intake valves will cause premature valve face / seal wear)

reaming of valve guides with cylinders installed

inspection / replacement of push rod / rockers / shafts and shrouds (can reseal most tcm push rod shrouds without removing intakes or exhaust)

checking and correcting dry valve lash clearance

adjust lycoming o-235-l2c tappet clearance

install new seals most engine accessory drives (leakage will cause premature dry vacuum pump failure)

replacement of starter drives

replacement of generator / alternator / ac compressor drive belts

adjustment of generator / alternator belts i/a/w lycoming si 1129a

engine fuel & control

inspection and replacement of engine fuel distribution / hoses (replacement recommended each 8 years).

fabrication of lines and non teflon hose assemblies, pressure testing.

fuel injection

cleaning, inspection, flow check of fuel injector nozzles and cylinder assignment.

engine fuel pump inspection / adjustment / replacement.

service / repair / replacement of primer system components / diverter valve.

tcm fuel injection system adjustment i/a/w sid 97-3

tcm fuel manifold valve cover inspection i/a/w sb 95-7

bendix / precision fuel injection center body seal leakage inspection/ adjustment of idle mixture / speed

carburetor fuel metering

minor marvel / precision carburetor repairs / adjustments (can check fuel level without disassembling carb).

recommend internal inspection of ma4 carbs with all metal floats @ 1000 hrs.

engine fuel systems

service / repair of engine fuel filtration

inspection / repair/ modification of engine fuel system cooling / heating.


engine ignition

inspection / diagnostics / repair starter vibrator

installation of "slick start" starting ignition system

inspection / replacement magneto impulse couplings

can service / complete minor repairs current bendix / tcm and slick magnetos including recommended 500 hr inspections (dual mags too!)

internal inspection / repair / lubrication of slick and bendix / tcm magnetos

magneto removal and replacement / engine timing i/a/w tcm msb 94-8a

installation, service of unison (slick) lasar ignition systems

replacement / installation of magneto pressurization system filters

inspection / high voltage testing of ignition harness

repair of most slick ignition harness components with out removal

spark plug servicing and testing

inspection / repair of ignition switches and wiring. (note: lycomings with one impulse magneto require right magneto to be grounded during starting)


air conditioning

inspection / repair / replacement of air conditioning compressor drive / mounting. fabrication of lines and hoses

induction air

inspection / repair / replacement of carb heat / alternate air / ram air components.

inspection / repair / replacement of engine induction system components

engine cooling

diagnostic / inspection / repair / replacement / sealing of engine cooling system.

proficient at baffle repairs / seal replacement.

measurement of in flight cooling pressure differentials.

engine controls

inspection, repair, replacement, rigging of engine controls including pressurized aircraft. highly recommend installation of drill bolts / castle nuts / cotter pins single engine control rod end bearings.

engine indicating

inspection / removal and installation of engine instruments. fabrication of lines and hoses.

manifold pressure

installation of manifold pressure gage drains / vacuum break (to keep instrument from filling up with engine oil or moisture)



inspection / service / replacement of mechanical tachometers (new tach set to aircraft total time).

inspection / lubrication / fabrication of tach cable assembly.

in aircraft photo tachometer calibration check most aircraft.

highly recommend installing horizon digital electronic tach with magneto status provisions be install on all aircraft with lycoming engines incorporating single unit d2000 & d3000 magnetos.

oil pressure

in aircraft calibration check.

inspection / repair / replacement of oil pressure lines / hoses. (note: all aircraft are required to have restrictor fitting at pressure source)

oil temperature

in aircraft calibration check (temp probe has to be removed)

cylinder head temperature

in aircraft calibration check, calibration of alcor units (temp probe has to be removed)

exhaust / turbine inlet temperatures

in aircraft calibration check, calibration of alcor and some cessna and piper malibu installations.

carb air / compressor discharge / intercooler differential temp indicators

highly recommend installation of carb air temp on aircraft with tcm o-200 engines due to probability of fuel discharge nozzle ice shutting down engine.

recommend installation of intercooler differential temp indicator installation on air craft equipped with after market inter cooler(s) to prevent excess cylinder pressures.

fuel pressure / flow indicating

diagnostics / repair / replacement / installation

engine analyzer / graphic monitor

diagnostics / repair / replacement / installation. recommend installing engine analyzer for complex turbo charged aircraft.

installation of egt / tit screw in probe adapters (by welding)

engine thrust detector system

diagnostics / repair / replacement / installation

engine exhaust

inspection, pressure checks, removal and replacement of engine exhaust systems.

can size slip joints for proper fit.

highly recommend safety wiring all exhaust "v" band clamps.

minor exhaust welding repairs when not prohibited by ad

consider installing knisley exhaust on t200 series cessna aircraft to eliminate aft exhaust cross over tube.


engine oil

cleveland aoa oil sample service (phoenix).

engine oil system inspection / service / repairs and component installation. installation oil quick drain valves.

inspection / service of crank case breather oil separator.

inspection / replacement of distribution / oil lines / hoses (each 8 yrs).

inspection / fin straitening / replacement of oil cooler(s) / plumbing / hoses

inspection / replacement of oil temperature regulator (thermostatic valve)

inspection / service of oil filter / pressure screen. (note: we inspect half of the oil filter element at oil change and file the other half in case of an concern with oil sample report)

oil pump replacement

oil pressure relief valve evaluation / adjustment

lycoming oil pump suction screen inspection / service

oil quantity (level gauge / calibration)

oil temperature diagnostics / repairs

lycoming inverted oil system service / repairs / installation

engine pre heater(s) repairs / installation

engine pre oiler service / installation

fabrication of lines and hoses


mid life starter internal inspection / minor repair / lubrication

installation of permanent magnet lightweight starters

base shimming bendix drive starters

engine turbo charging

inspection / service / repair / component replacement turbo charger system

diagnostics / replacement wastegate(s) / by-pass valve(s)

reseal garret wastegate actuator

diagnostics / replacement / adjustment turbo controller.

inspection / maintenance turbo compressor discharge system / deck pressure

inspection / replacement / installation of intercooler(s)


non critical / non structural welding of steel, stainless, and aluminum.


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