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little flyers engine services include:

annual inspection, 100 hr inspection, 50 hr inspection, engine oil changes, oil filter inspections, fuel injection system service, 500 hr valve inspections, 500 hr magneto inspections, spark plug service, engine top overhaul, engine r&r for overhaul, new engine installation, cylinder r&r for overhaul, fixing sticky valves, loosening stuck rings, crankshaft seals, compression check, crankcase pressure check, cam inspections, and fixing the ordinary oil leak.

we have special tooling to help with valve inspections and sticky valve problems.  generally, we can accomplish a valve inspection and fix stick valves in 4 to 6 hours for 4 to 6 cylinder engines.  we also solve the difficult engine cooling problems associated with high oil temperature, high cht temperature, and high egt temperature.  

additionally, we solve difficult turbocharging and partial loss of power problems.  we have the capabilities to pressurize and test intake and exhaust systems.  

if you have the bendix dual magneto on your lycoming engine, we are familiar with it and can solve many of the problems that occur with this magneto.   unusual and excessive mag drop?  no problem.  our services also include fixing those difficult alternator and starting problems.

one of the interesting things about little flyers maintenance is that we don't repair.  at little flyers we believe in preventative maintenance.  after working with some of our customers for over 20 years or move we gotten to know how long some engine components will last before they need repair or replacement.  by use of routine inspections during the annual inspection we will often repair or replace components before they fail.  generally, we will see a client for an engine problem less than twice a year, other than annual inspection and oil changes.  at little flyers our engine services can lengthen the life and increase the performance of your engine and its accessories.  our engine services are customized to meet your needs because every aircraft and owner is different.  we don't just stop at maintenance when it comes to attention to detail.  the maintenance records we write are very specific so you will know exactly what was done to your engine when the work was completed. we also replace hoses at regular intervals and regularly inspect engine accessories to insure the safety of your aircraft.  at little flyers we just know how to take care of your aircraft.

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