Used aircraft parts

The following used / serviceable parts are available for purchase from Little Flyers:

Page 1 Electrical engine accessories

        216CW Air pump

        DOFF10300B Alternator

        MZ-4222R Starter

        MZ-4222 Starter

        Delco Remy Generator

Page 2 Electrical engine accessories

        Delco Remy Generator

        Delco Remy Voltage Generator

        Skytronics Ignition harness

        Slick Ignition harness

        Alternator mount

Page 3 Airframe items

        Cessna rudder pedals

        Beech ducting

        Cessna 5.00 nose wheel strut fork

Page 4 Beech Musketeer 19A Sundowner parts

        Fuel strainer

        Sundowner Carburetor HA-6 pn:5045

        Cabin air vent

        Battery box

Page 5 Airframe items - Piper PA46-310P Malibu and Bonanza

        Malibu aft tailcone access panel

        Malibu nose door gear actuating system

        Hand tow bar

        Bonanza cabin door handle

Page 6 Wheels




Page 7 Wheels




Page 8 Wheels and Cabin assist step

        McCauley wheels

        Lang tail wheel

        Cessna cabin assist step