McCauley, Cleveland, Goodyear wheels for sale

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McCauley 5.00x5 wheel

ID 22  Item name McCauley 5.00-5 wheel, 2 piece (3.7 lbs)  Description 2 Piece 5.00-5 wheel (nose) w bearings

Manufacturer McCauley  Model 5.00-5  PN D-30500 

Condition Useable, Paint poor condition

Reason for Converted to Cleveland system  Weight 4 Price $60.00

Cleveland 5.00x5 wheel

ID 23  Item name Cleveland 5.00-5 wheel  Description 161-03800 valve half, other unknown with bearings

Manufacturer Cleveland  Model 5.00-5 wheel  PN 161-03800 valve half, other Unk

Condition Good for shop use

Reason for Unknown  Weight 3  Price $25.00

Cleveland 6.00x6 wheel

ID 24  Item name Cleveland 6.00-6 wheel (3.7 lb)  Description Cleveland 6.00-6 wheel with bearings

Manufacturer Cleveland  Model 6.00-6  PN Unknown 

Condition Corrosion pitting

Reason for Removed due to corrosion pitting from PA24-250  Weight Price $25.00

Goodyear 6.00x6 wheels

ID 25  Item name Pair Goodyear 6.00-6 wheels (9.6 lb)  Description 6.00-6 wheels sub assy 9524202 & 9524201

Manufacturer Goodyear  Model 19A  PN Sub assy 9524202 valve side, 9524201 brake 

Condition Bearing cups rusted, brake drive teeth worn

Reason for Removed from crashed Beech 19A  Weight 10 Price $160.00

Beech Goodyear 6.50/7.00-8 wheel

ID 26  Item name Pair Beech / Goodyear 6.50/7.00-8 wheels (12.6 lb)  Description Beech assy 60-8002-9 6.50/7.00-8 8 bolt style wheel

Manufacturer Goodyear  Model Beech Baron  PN 10-1146 valve side, 10-1122 brake 

Condition No apparent cracks or broken pieces

Reason for Converted to Cleveland system  Weight 13  Price $300.00


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