McCauley, Lang wheels for sale

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McCauley 5.00x5 wheel

ID 34  Item name McCauley 5.00-5 wheel (3.7 lb)  Description 5.00-5 wheel assy with bearings

Manufacturer McCauley  Model N/A  PN D-30500

Condition One flange slightly flattened, unpainted

Reason for Removed for flattened flange  Weight Price $50.00

Lang D-501A tail wheel

ID 37  Item name Lang D-501A 6x2.00 tail wheel  Description 6X2.00 tail wheel fits 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" leaf spring

Manufacturer Lang  Model  PN D-501A 

Condition Excess free play spring arm, tread nearly worn off

Reason for Excess free play  Weight 6 Price $200.00

Cessna cabin assist step

ID 39  Item name RH cabin assist step  Description RH cabin assist step

Manufacturer Cessna  Model 206G  PN 1610041-495

Condition Appears serviceable

Reason for Unknown  Weight Price $100.00


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